DIRECTIONS to Cheat Lake Park & Rail-Trail,

429 Rugh Ln, Morgantown, WV 26508

June 24, 2013

- New directions from Morgantown WV.

Take I-68 east.

Take the WV-43 N exit, EXIT 10, toward Cheat Lake / Uniontown PA.

Turn LEFT onto WV-43N. Go 0.2 mile.

Take Exit 1 toward CR-857 / Cheat Lake / Fairchance Road. Go 0.3 mile.

Turn LEFT off the off-ramp, onto CR-69/14. Go 0.2 mile.

Turn LEFT onto Fairchance Rd. Go 1.6 miles.

Turn LEFT onto Morgan Run Rd. Go 1.6 miles. Park at the upper parking lot on the LEFT.

Handicapped and drop-offs can be driven to the lower parking lot, where the guard station & restrooms are.

- New directions from Point Marion, PA

From downtown Point Marion, take U.S. Route 119 NORTH (not south! . . . taking it south will put you on the WRONG side of Cheat Lake)

Now you have TWO options of getting to PA Route 857:
1. Where Route 119 crosses the Cheat River in Point Marion, turn RIGHT along the Cheat (this is where PA Route 166 goes left). Follow this road, called Nilan Road, all the way along until it ends in Lake Lynn, PA. Turn right onto Lake Lynn Road — this road will lead you to the dam that holds back Cheat Lake. Near the dam, the road winds up the hill to the left and becomes Bunker Hill Road — it travels along the Mason-Dixon Line. Stay on that for a few miles until you come to a stop sign where you’ll see Route 43. Turn right (don’t get onto Route 43!), then go straight down the hill to the stop sign at Route 857. Turn right onto Route 857 SOUTH.


2. Take Route 119 north for several miles out of Point Marion. At an intersection where Route 119 goes to the left (called Morris Crossroads), you want to go straight onto Gans Road. You’ll follow this for at least 3 miles. You’ll pass Route 43 (don’t get onto it!) and you’ll go down the hill to the stop sign at Route 857. Turn right onto Route 857 SOUTH.


Now, stay on PA Route 857 South. You’ll cross the Mason-Dixon Line into West Virginia where the road becomes WV Route 857. After about 2 miles, the road makes a hairpin curve to the right (there is a church sitting back on the left). Go up the hill to the next right — Morgan Run Road. Turn RIGHT, follow that under the WV Route 43, all the way to nearly the end, where there is a parking area on the left before you go down the hill to Cheat Lake. Walk or ride your bikes down to the Cheat Lake Trail. There is parking at the bottom of the hill for handicapped or drop-offs.